[PlanetCCRMA] Need single-input, eight -processed-output app

ClaudiusMaximus gloriousclaudiusmaximus@yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 9 13:41:01 2004

Robert Hamilton wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm trying to find an application that will allow me to break up a
> single-input audio signal into eight to ten separately bandpass-filtered
> outputs. I need to do this in real-time (low latency). It would also be
> nice to be able to perform other processes on each output, such as
> limiting, clipping or compressing. Preferably the application would also
> work with the "Jack Audio Connection Kit." I know it's a tall order.
> I'm running the RedHat 9, PlanetCCRMA distribution.
> I've been searching for something for some time, but haven't found
> anything yet that quite fills the bill. So, I've come to the experts! Any
> suggestions?
> B.H.

Puredata aka Pd would be what I would use for this task - it supports 
JACK natively and LADSPA plugins with an "external".