[PlanetCCRMA] Alsa and EMU10k1 (Soundblaster Live)

Simon Schwarz s.sch-@gmx.de
Fri Oct 1 07:04:02 2004


since I've replaced my old computer with a new Athlon System I've
problems with my Soundblaster Live card.

I cant't record with it. Playing sounds is no problem. I've umuted (and
set to 100%) the needed switches (AC97, AC97 Capture, Capture, Mic (has
the the capture sign),...).

What i've noticed is that on my old system i had many EMU10k1 Switches,
on the new installation they're gone.

Any suggestions? If i can't solve this problem i will open my window and
throw this damn card through it! I'm lucky that i have a very solid
keybord ;)

Thanks for your help!!

P.S: As you can surely see iam not a nativ english speaker so please
read over my errors ;)Alsa and EMU10k1 (Soundblaster Live)