[PlanetCCRMA] CDROM Install Snag -- update

Barton Bosch bartonbosch@SoftHome.net
Thu Sep 30 23:46:01 2004

I wresteled with this one for a while today.  It seems that the
machine is freezing up during hard disk access.  I managed to get
the RH9 installation fully updated and was proceeding to tune the
hdds when the whole system lock prob came back while running `hdparm
-tT /dev/hda.`  It seems to strike intermittantly, after running
hdparm about six times.

To eliminate the possibility that the installation was messed up by
the apt-get dist-upgrade snag I reinstalled from scratch, this time
disabling both APIC and ACPI in the system BIOS.  I should also
mention that the mobo is based on an nforce2 chipset -- I haven't
looked into the details of trying to run RH9 on an NF2 board yet --
so this may be complicating things.

So far it seems that the new RH9 installation is stable, though I
only tested it briefly.  Unfortunately hdparm is now reporting a
measly ~28 MB/s as opposed to ~53 both on the previous RH9
installation as well as on the FC2 partition.  Am I correct in
assuming that this is some interaction between Shrike and the
turning off of APIC?