[PlanetCCRMA] Apt problems

William M. Quarles quarlewm@jmu.edu
Wed Nov 24 15:26:42 2004

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>>Note that for my Fedora Core 1 updates I was using 
>>a Fedora mirror rather than the actual RedHat server: faster downloads 
>>and no corrupted packages.  I could probably reorder them all for 
>>preference in downloads, but I haven't bothered to.  (Besides, the 
>>Fedora Core updates are no longer maintained, so who cares?) 
> Supposedly Fedora Legacy is releasing updates for Fedora Core 1. I see
> you have that in your configuration...

True, I put that in there VERY early this morning.  They've only 
released four packages that were actually relevant to my system so far. 
  What I meant was I could probably not bother with the official Fedora 
Core core and update channels anymore, since I don't see what good they 
would do me.