[PlanetCCRMA] how to do planetccrma-core with planetedge kernels

Peter Lutek plutek@infinity.net
Thu Nov 18 07:16:01 2004

greetings, all!

having fun setting up FC2 here, but have one (possibly stupid) question:

if i wish to use a planetedge kernel, alsa-driver, alsa-utils, etc.,
should i FIRST install planetccrma-core and THEN upgrade with planetedge
kernels, etc.?  or is it possible to do a complete equivalent of
planetccrma-core from the planetedge repository?

if the latter is possible, is there somewhere a complete list of which
packages to install from the edge repository (since there isn't a
"planetedge-core" meta-package?

(hmmmm.... i guess that turned into 3 questions!)