[PlanetCCRMA] FC1 PlanetCCRMA kernel qith no graphic support?

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Wed Nov 17 15:39:00 2004

> > Apparently you can pass parameters to "init" (the first process that
> > runs after the kernel has loaded) from the boot line (see man init). I
> > have not found a reference on how exactly to do that. I would try adding
> > init="5" to the boot line...
> I meant init="3" (non-X multiuser level)

Do you mean addin something like this to grub.conf (assuming the rest except
3 is correct for kernel loading)?
Or do I have to add

init="3" instead of simply 3?
title no_graphickernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/hde6 vga=normal 3
initrd (hd0,0)/initrd