[PlanetCCRMA] can't start ardour

Robert Epprecht epprecht@solnet.ch
Sun Nov 14 00:20:02 2004

I have a planet CCRMA FC1 installation which used to work very well
and I didn't change anything beside applying 'apt-get update ; apt-get
dist-upgrade' from time to time. But now ardour won't start any more...

- I start the computer and do 'hdsploader' as root from a text console
  to load the firmware into my rme hdsp card.
- I start X
- I run hdspconfig to set some parameters
- qjackctrl (to start jack)
- hdspmixer (shows the input signal)
- I try to start ardour now but nothing happens, no terminal, nothing.

now what?
Robert Epprecht