[PlanetCCRMA] Downgrading kernel - keyboard breaks?!

Crispin cc26@ohm.york.ac.uk
Mon Nov 8 06:37:03 2004


I just tried to downgrade from the 2.6 ccrma kernel (installed by apt-get
dist upgrade) to the 2.4 one, as (according to discussion on the Muse ML)
it's better for realtime use and might fix some problems I have...

So, booting with the 2.4 kernel, I switch the graphics driver to nv rather
then nvidia (which is compiled for 2.6).  X (invoked by gdm) loads fine,
with a working mouse, but no keyboard :( - repeatedly.

I've no experience in dealing with problems like this, if anyone could tell
me where to look, that would be great!