[Fwd: Re: [PlanetCCRMA] Audio hardware with most output channels]

martin rumori lists@rumori.de
Thu Nov 4 06:56:01 2004

[should have gone to the mailing list as well.  f****ing webmail]

On Thu, November 4, 2004 6:38 am, Charlls Quarra said:
>  --- Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com> escribió:
>> RME HDSP 8652 has 26 output channels. They sync well

>  In the left flying menu i did Sound Cards->DSP series
> but just some 96xx models

i suspect he referred to the HDSP 9652.  never heard about a 8652...

> the 9652? In what way can you get so many outputs from

> hmm.. that thing is using two racks,... i wonder how
> does that fit into a notebook =)

there are two HDSP things: the "normal" HDSP 9652 is the successor of the old "DIGI
9652" with about the same features but a different chip.  this hdsp chip was used
earlier (and is still used) in the hdsp system, which consists of a PCI or PCMCIA
card and a breakout box (digiface or multiface).  guess that's what they mean with
their statement about notebooks...

in order to get all the channels out of the (PCI-only) hdsp you'll need ADAT to
analogue converters, usually 8 channels each.

btw. another solution for many channels would be the HDSP MADI interface.  you'll
need a MADI->ADAT bridge and 8 ADAT-analogue converters (8 ch each) to get 64
analogue out channels.  and you'll need a solid budget :-) (not quite sure about the
status of the linux hdsp madi driver, but there is one)