[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Can't start Jack/Alsa

Andrew Burgess aab@cichlid.com
Thu May 27 07:28:01 2004

>    I've had this problem quite a lot recently. In my case the actually 
>driver for the card wasn't getting loaded. When Alsa is running, but 
>there is no card driver, I got this message. modprobe snd-atiixp by hand 
>solved this problem. However, once I've made the mistake of trying to 
>start Jack without a card driver running the only solution I've found is 
>to completely reboot, load the driver and then start Jack. Likely 
>there's a better way

Wild guess, perhaps the 'wrong' driver gets loaded when you start Jack. Maybe
look at lsmod before and after running jack. Perhaps rmmod-ing any newly loaded
modules will save you from rebooting.