[PlanetCCRMA] Fedore Core 2 (status of)

David Fraser davidf@sjsoft.com
Thu May 13 23:59:02 2004

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

>>I'm thinking about installing Fedora on a new system and will be using Planet 
>>CCRMA at Home.  I noticed that Fedora Core 2 is set to be released next week.  
>>Should I wait and install that or just go with Fedora Core 1?
>Depends on how long you may want to wait :-)
>Instant satisfaction would indicate FC1 for now...
>Here's some quick notes about the status:
>I've been very busy doing a complete rebuild of Planet CCRMA on top of
>Fedora Core 2 Test 3. I'm almost done. Taking the current FC1 as a
>reference (with around 254 packages not counting kernels and drivers) I
>have around 10 that I have not tried yet (or know for some reason that
>they will fail the build), and, at this time, 10 are not building at
>  noteedit, swh-plugins, audacity, ecamegapedal, ardour, gmorgan,
>  hydrogen, rezound, simsam, timfx. 
>Most of the failures are c++ complaints with (most probably) an easy
>fix. Caveat emptor: note that I have _not_ tested most of the packages
>that did build :-) I know that qjackctl is happy, and of course I tried
>freqtweak :-)
>Hopefully all of this work will mean that Planet CCRMA will not take
>that long to appear after I manage to download the final release. But
>read on...
>Kernel and drivers:
>This is not so easy. I did build 2.4.26-1.ll under FC2T3 but I don't
>think that is the way to go. There are little incompatibilities that are
>going to be painful for the average user (the mouse configuration is
>different, the init scripts assume some things will be there that are
>not in 2.4, kudzu will "rediscover" hardware and many other little
>details I'm forgetting). 
>So it would seem that 2.6.x would be the kernel to use (I currently have
>a test version of 2.6.6 with preempt, soundcore and the realcap kernel
>module added). 2.6.x has its own problems, latency is pretty good but
>(at least) for video cards based on radeon, r128 and mga chipsets there
>will be latency hits if you use acceleration. Just today I got some hard
>data with kernel traces that kernel gurus will be looking at... Another
>side effect of 2.6.x is that midishare has not yet been ported over to
>the new kernel so that it will be missing (and its support in apps that
>use it, like fluidsynth and common music).
>Anyway, just a "heads up" for those anxious to stop making music and
>start dealing with the latest and greatest (bugs?)!
>Back to compiling mode.......
>-- Fernando
Great news Fernando. Any chance of making these packages available in an 
experimental branch before the actual release?
(or are they already?)