[PlanetCCRMA] Ardour hardware monitoring

Joseph Dell'Orfano fullgo@dellorfano.net
Thu May 13 19:17:01 2004

I have hardware monitoring working with my Delta 1010LT card. This uses
the envy24 mixer app which I use to set up my hardware monitor. Then I
can hear all output tracks and my live tracks via h/w monitoring (w/o
latency). The funny thing is that if I select auto input, then the
meters don't work on the input channel until I start recording. With
auto input turned off, I can see the meters before rolling, which allows
me to set input levels (via the envy24 control app). (Levels can be set
using the meterbridge app as well.) This bug (the auto input thingy) has
been reported.

-Joe D

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 21:20, John Yates wrote:
> Anyone have hardware monitoring working with Ardour? My RME
> Digiface/Cardbus setup doesn't seen to be getting any mixer commands
> when hardware monitoring and Auto Input are enabled in Ardour. I've
> got hardware monitoring enabled in jackd also. From what I gather,
> Ardour should be sending monitor switching commands to jackd which
> sends them on to the Alsa driver which sends them on as level changes
> to the HDSP hardware mixer. I can control the mixer with the
> hdspmixer utility so I know that much is working. Is there any
> preliminary mixer setup that must be done before Ardour can take
> control?
> Monitor switching via software monitoring seems to work fine, but
> I'd rather get the hardware path going if I can.
> Thanks, John
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