[PlanetCCRMA] Firewire and USB with Fedora

Guillaume Morin saywoo@online.fr
Thu May 13 10:22:01 2004

Hello Planet,

I'm running Planet CCRMA with Fedora and I can't use both my firewire hard 
drive and USB soundcard (Tascam US-428).
Ater the installation, Fedora recognized my firewire as a SCSI device (in the 
hardware browser) but it did not appear as a hard drive so I could not mount 
the volumes.

I've found information about firewire devices with Fedora here:
the files are here: http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~oliva/snapshots/FC1-firewire/
after doing 2.3 notes (so patching my /sbin/mkinitrd), my firewire is 
recognized as a hard drive but i can't use my USB sound card any more.

I tried different things and I've noticed that:
when I install a kernel before patching my /sbin/mkinitrd, my USB soundcard 
works but i can' mount my external volumes, and if I install a kernel after 
patching the file i can mount the volumes but i can't read any sound !

hope it's not a dummy question, i'm a novice at linux
hope you'll have some time to look at that

Thank you