[PlanetCCRMA] Windowmaker/ Ardour/ Thanks

Justin H Haynes Justin@Haynes.net
Wed May 12 06:20:03 2004

First of all thanks Fernando and everyone who makes this project 
possible.  I was so happy to find out about it recently after having 
tried to get ardour working a few months ago by compiling everything I 
needed from CVS. 

I've just installed my 700MHz Athlon/Duron with FC1.  It has an emu10k 
on irq 10 with nothing preceeding it on the pci bus, I removed an extra 
drive that was causing problems on the IDE bus.  I have the hard drive 
and the CDROM on separate IDE interfaces.  everything seems to be 
working fine as far as machine and OS.

Alsa configured fine with alsaconf.  This is the first time I've used 
alsa.  I've done apt-get install planetccrma-audiovideoapps.  Jackd and 
ardour start fine.  Ardour was my main concern - its the application I 
really want to use.

My two questions are:

1) I was following 
http://www.djcj.org/LAU/ardour/Basic_editing_howto.html  when I came 
across a couple of inconsistancies between the instructions and what I 
am seeing.  I'm guessing they are slightly different versions?  One 
thing I see is that "import and convert audio" doesn't seem to exist and 
the window/procedure for importing sound is slightly different.  no 
worries. I can still insert audio just fine.  But, another thing I 
notice is that on 
http://www.djcj.org/LAU/ardour/Basic_recording_howto.html, I am told to 
use the recorder window under windows in the editor window but it 
doesn't appear there.  Now, I used alsamixer to turn on microphone boost 
and to unmute and turn up the microphone input on my emu10k.  this 
works.  I can hear it through the card and I also see the levels change 
in the mixer window.  When I select an audio track for recording and 
click the transport record button and click the play button, I see the 
transport move across the editor window.  I can hear other tracks that I 
dropped imported files onto.  I can see the new "Audio 1.1" or "Audio 
1.2" or whatever its named at the time region (? is that called a 
region? ).  However, when I click transport stop, the waveform does not 

Now, I have my inputs selected properly, I think, but can someone guide 
me?  Is there anything else I shoudl do with jack?

2) gnome and kde are all very nice and good, but they drive me crazy. 
(overhead in resources for a desktop environment/ lack of fast multiple 
workspace environment, etc/ set in my ways, and I like my ways) After an 
exhaustive search of all window managers I can find (40-60), I *must* 
have windowmaker.  Now I have no problem compling it from source, but 
I'd rather do it with an rpm.  I can probably find one and install it, 
but I would rather use apt-get to do that.  Now, I know repositories 
other than planetccrma have an rpm for windowmaker, but I am unfamiliar 
with how apt works with rpm.  If I add an apt source that has this, how 
do I ensure that when I do an apt-get dist-upgrade or even an apt-get 
install of another package that is present in both repositories, that I 
won't get a conflict? 

Thanks in advance.  I hope I havn't been too wordy.  I just want to give 
enough information.  I've been reading for a while - it would be helpful 
to get some human interaction so I know I am on the right track...or 
bus....or playlist.   whatever.  :-)