[PlanetCCRMA] ALSA: Cannot restart alsa - FC1 - ICE1712

Brian Arsenault barsenault@gto.net
Thu May 6 16:38:02 2004

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

>What does the startup sequence say? Does it complain about not being
>able to start alsa? Or does alsa start (apparently) fine? Once you are
>up and running after the reboot, what does "cat /proc/asound/devices"

Start up is fine.  No complaints from alsa.  /proc/asound/devices says:

[root@balance root]# cat /proc/asound/devices
   0: [0- 0]: ctl
  16: [0- 0]: digital audio playback\
  24: [0- 0]: digital audio capture
  33:       : timer

>>So I try to /etc/init.d/alsasound restart.  This fails reporting _Device or
>>resource busy_ for each associated module.  Of course rmmod does not work
>>either, returning the same error.
>rmmod of which kernel module?

[root@balance root]# /sbin/rmmod snd-ice1712
snd-ice1712: Device or resource busy

Or any of the snd-* modules, but I expect that is normal.

>Hmmm, this could also be a "kernel oops", search /var/log/messages to
>see if there is one there. That would also make the modules busy and
>impossible to remove.

Yes I have oops, gpm fails to stay loaded:
[root@balance root]# cat /var/log/messages | grep oops | grep -i may
May  3 22:09:30 balance gpm[3664]: O0o.oops(): [gpm.c(949)]:
May  4 22:07:01 balance gpm[3665]: O0o.oops(): [gpm.c(949)]:
May  5 20:21:59 balance gpm[3664]: O0o.oops(): [gpm.c(949)]:
May  5 21:11:24 balance gpm[3670]: O0o.oops(): [gpm.c(949)]:
May  6 17:48:11 balance gpm[3662]: O0o.oops(): [gpm.c(949)]:

I am trying now to disable gpm and try again....Just rebooted, and still
can't restart alsa.

>You could try a "fuser /dev/snd/*" to see if something shows up.

/sbin/fuser /dev/snd/* returns nothing.

Thanks again.