[PlanetCCRMA] The Linux FreeVSTi Compatibility List

Christian Frisson theremin@free.fr
Wed May 5 17:48:02 2004


Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen wrote:

> Very nice work. However, I think you may have misunderstood how the 
> vstserver works:
> The vstserver does actually work by setting up a bounch of processes and 
> threads, and are very very far from being single-threaded. There are no 
> limitations on how many vsti's you run simultaniously.

My apologies... My dev knowledge is too low to be mentionned. Additionally,
French people like me don't always speak English very well ,-) I've definitely
made this thread confusion during my tests, as I tried to launch two plugins
simultaneously, both with vsti, and had VSTserver return errors... Had just
another go today, works perfectly! Mea culpa.

When it comes to limit the number of opened console windows, how should I define
my paths correctly system-wide? On Fedora Core 1 - seems to be relevant in this
case - appending "export VST_PATH=..." to the file /etc/profile and sourcing it
afterwards does only define the path for console use. When using the launcher
(Alt+F2) to start plugins with "vsti plugin_name", it doesn't seem to recognize

> The difference between the vstserver and the new fst-library made by 
> Torben Hohn and Paul Davies is that the fst-library runs the vst-plugin
> in the same process, while using the vstserver-system you run the 
> vst-plugin inside a new process set up by the vstserver.
> What this means is that you get less contex-switches and therefor
> better performance when running many (something like more than 8 according 
> to Paul) vst-plugins simultaniously using the fst-library.

What kind of features are already planned for the next releases of both projects?