[PlanetCCRMA] Problems startig jackd

Don Levey planetccrma@the-leveys.us
Wed May 5 08:06:01 2004

Fernando wrote:

> You could patch the kernel to enable capabilities, but under 2.6.x a
> better option is to use the LSM module. See:
>     http://www.joq.us/realtime/

This did it.  The LSM module instructions included the kernel options that
needed to be included (for security/pre-emption, etc) so I rebuilt the
kernel again with these options.  I then loaded LSM, and was able to start
JACK, and then Ardour.

Interestingly, I could do this as root but not as a user.  Not a huge
concern for me, as it's my box so I can be root when I want to be.  I have
yet to actually test the recording portion of this whole thing, but that
should be soon.

Thanks for the help!