[PlanetCCRMA] M-Audio Delta 1010?

Larry J. Brackney brackney@seidata.com
Tue May 4 15:28:02 2004

>>   I've been playing with the Planet for a bit (mainly Hydrogen,
>>Jack, and a bit of Rosegarden) and have also been debating about
>>jumping into a Mac G5/ILife/Logic combination.  I recently got a good
>>deal on a Delta 1010, which I would ultimately use on the G5 if
>>I chose to get it, but I gather it would work with ALSA as well.
>>Is anyone using that board and breakout under Linux?  If so, how's it
>>working for you with Ardour?  Any tricks for successful deployment?
> I have several 1010's and they work fine. No special tricks. You can use
> the "envy24control" utility (in the alsa-tools package) to control the
> internal mixer built into the chipset. 

    Okay, I got my Delta 1010 today!  :)  Removed my old SBLive and 
installed the new card and hooked up the rack interface.  Fired it up 
and Kudzu wanted to do the right thing removing the old device and 
identifying the envy24 device.  So far so good!

    Logged in and tried envy24control - got a "snd_ctl_open: No such 
device error."  lsmod?  Oops.  No envy-like module. :(  So I did a quick 
scan through the sound driver modules - no envy module there.  Next 
stop, the ever faithful sndconfig utility.  It ID'ed the card as an IC 
Ensemble ICE1712 Envy24 then told me it wasn't supported.  Wah! :p

    So what module do I need to load for this bad boy?  I figure I need 
to shove something manually into modules.conf...


    - larry