[PlanetCCRMA] synaptic broken?

patrick puredata@11h11.com
Sun May 2 10:49:00 2004


i'm using red hat 9 and synaptic freeze also at the performing changes. 
what i do is to use synaptic for finding packages, and then when it 
freeze, i kill -9 it and look into /var/cache/apt/archives and install 
the package with rpm -Uhv ...


Peter Lutek wrote:
> greetings!
> i am running FC1 CCRMA distro and previously have had no trouble doing
> either individual package upgrades or dist upgrades using synaptic.
> suddenly, with my most recent dist upgrade attempt (this morning),
> synaptic freezes at the "performing changes" stage. it can only be
> stopped by killing. this is happening whether i attempt the entire dist
> upgrade or select individual packages.
> when synaptic starts up, it reports no broken packages.
> "rpm -Uvh" upgrades packages without trouble, so i believe the problem
> is with synaptic. if i use rpm to remove and re-install synaptic, is
> there anything which needs to be done to ensure it's package list
> remains current?
> thanks!
> -p
> (sorry if this ends up being a double post... i mistakenly sent it off
> once just before joining the list)
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