[PlanetCCRMA] synaptic broken?

Peter Lutek peter@peterlutek.com
Sat May 1 01:52:01 2004


i am running FC1 CCRMA distro and previously have had no trouble doing
either individual package upgrades or dist upgrades using synaptic.
suddenly, with my most recent dist upgrade attempt (this morning),
synaptic freezes at the "performing changes" stage. it can only be
stopped by killing. this is happening whether i attempt the entire dist
upgrade or select individual packages.

when synaptic starts up, it reports no broken packages.

"rpm -Uvh" upgrades packages without trouble, so i believe the problem
is with synaptic. if i use rpm to remove and re-install synaptic, is
there anything which needs to be done to ensure it's package list
remains current?