[PlanetCCRMA] New version of timidity and hydrogen

Emiliano Grilli Emiliano Grilli <emiliano.grilli@poste.it>
Tue Mar 30 23:25:02 2004

mercoledý, 31 marzo 2004 alle 03:45:25, Guy Daniel CLOTILDE ha scritto:
> > > I noticed that on http://timidity.sf.net there is a new release
> > > (2.13.0) of this great softsynth, with many upgrades - first of all
> > > it now supports JACK!
> > 
> > Aha! I did not know about this one... thanks for the warning...
> Hi
> about timidity, is it possible to compile it with the server and the gtk option? I think that the last from planet ccrma didn't had these features enabled. The server option is IMO the more important one, because then timidity can act as a softsynth.

Don't know about the gtk interface, but server mode is compiled in,
AFAICT... have you tried "timidity -iA -B2,8" ?
For me this works, and shows 2 ALSA MIDI ports with which I can connect
other ALSA sequencer apps.

Emiliano Grilli
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