[PlanetCCRMA] seq24 rtc-timer midi timing

mrtn martin@nadir.org
Mon Mar 29 13:01:02 2004


i bet this was here before, but i couldn't find it:
i am using seq24 with ext. midi keyboard...
but after some loops the midi-in-latency gets worse:
e.g. I get two hihats (with midi trough) while playing just one note...
-->not very groovy
now I found something like: rtc-timer-patch(?)
and i tried
'modprobe snd-rtctimer',
i don't know how i should have started it and this way it has no effect
for me...

anyone using a similar setup?
where to find docs about midi-latency issues?
or about tuning the system with the rtc-patch?

let me know!