[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Recent LKML discussion on preempt/latency in 2.6 kernels

rjorma@sunpoint.net rjorma@sunpoint.net
Thu Mar 25 14:55:02 2004


Any change of getting your 2.6 experiment-kernels to the planetedge in the near

I am also struggling with the 2.6 now and have ended up with some trouble -
mostly due to little experience in kernel compiling. I got the joq capabilites
module compiled ok but got lost when trying to apply the low latency patches by
Takashi Iwai...

It would be a great help to get to try your kernels!

I got 2.6.4 up and running but am not able to run jack or ardour properly on it.
The system also stops responding occasionally for a minute or two but usually
recovers from that with just waiting.

On the 2.4.24 everything works great.



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