[PlanetCCRMA] itlinux to rh90planet success story

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 19 19:02:01 2004

> Case 1 - Converting my old laptop
> I have an old laptop that has ITLinux (an old Finnish Linux distro based
> on RH62) installed on it. Additionally, a) the laptop's cd-drive is broken
> and b) has lots of custom software compiled from source, so a
> clean-install of another distro is just not an option.
> Well, what I did was install apt, and then gradually update the system to
> RH9 (ITLinux6.2 -> RH73 -> RH8 -> RH9), and then install the full Planet
> set on it. And wow, it works! 

Wow! From 6.2? That is an upgrade "tour de force"!! I'm very very
surprised... I'd apply tor the Guinness (sp?) book of records for the
longest successful upgrade in one session :-)

Maybe you can write a HOWTO?

> ...
> So to wrap it up -- big thanks to Fernando and others for bringing us
> Planet! 

You're welcome. It's good to hear success stories from time to time :-)
The nature of the beast is such that most of the time you only hear from
problems, and that is fine (this is not an invitation for everyone to
post success stories! - there would be way too many and that would make
this mailing list very high volume...... yeah right ;-).  

-- Fernando