[PlanetCCRMA] itlinux to rh90planet success story

Tracey Anne Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Fri Mar 19 04:15:02 2004

Glad you like the planet.

Nando's been doing a great job at keeping a large part of the linux audio world avaliable to everyone.  The amount of hastle installing is next to nill, and things just plain work.

One of the things that I like is how quickly Nando gets together new verions of the programs here.  This has gotten me pretty lazy when new stuff comes out, because I pretty much know that it will appear on the planet in a short time.  Nando also takes recogmendations for new software on the planet. 

I've been keeping the planet on our music room machine here at home since before the planet went public(got the urls for the repositories off the lad list at the time).  It's a great way to know that I can have a stable, working music machine.

I'll have to admit that I still keep downloading tarballs to compile(on another machine here), but now I don't get all upset when I find I need the newest whateverlibrary and can wait for it to show here.  And I think it's getting close to a year since I last compiled alsa.  After seeing Nando toss something new up here within a week or two after it comes out, I'm beginning to feel like he can read my mind.

Ohh, and nice to see you here Kai.  And thanks for the ecasound suite, excelent programs.


And to Nando:  Are those new 2.4 kernels hiding on the planetedge up to date on security patches?  If so I'll upgrade the machines around here with them.  And when the 2.6 kernels are about to happen on the planet please tell us where you're hiding them.  I'll gladly give it a try.