[PlanetCCRMA] omlinux: line 41; 3980 Segmentation fault...

robcanning rscanning@eircom.net
Thu Mar 18 03:42:02 2004

Thanks Fernando - it installs fine now - however i get this error after
runnng omlinux as root on FC1:

/usr/bin/omlinux: line 41:  3980 Segmentation fault      $LISP
$LISP_ARGUMENTS -load $OMHOME/bootstrap-linux.lisp -load $CMUCL_GTK
-load $OMHOME/screamer.x86f -load $OMHOME/openmusic.x86f
$PROJECTS_TO_LOAD -load $OMHOME/init-linux.lisp

i just started omlinux with the command "omlinux"

maybe its a problem, maybe i need to add some flags? - i've never used Open Music before...
anywhere i can find some online help for omlinux? or am i already there!

i have made sure Midishare is loaded and started:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/MidiShare start - /sbin/service MidiShare start
mknod /dev/MidiShare c 151 0