[PlanetCCRMA] managing mulitple repositories

Bruce Elliott belliott4488@comcast.net
Tue Mar 16 19:15:03 2004

It sounds like I should do what you did, but there are still a few 
things (okay, more than a few) that I don't understand.  (Questions 
embedded below.)

Lawrie Abbott wrote:

> Bruce Elliott wrote:
>> I have removed the later version of apt that I'd gotten from the 
>> kde-redhat repository, and reinstalled the one from Planet CCRMA.  
>> Before I attempt to do any more apt-get updates, however, I'd like to 
>> understand how apt works a little better so that I can avoid shooting 
>> off my other foot this time.
> First let me tell you that I'm not  an apt guru ... just letting you 
> know what Ive found by the trial and error method :)
>> I currently have the Planet CCRMA sources.list and apt.conf in my 
>> /etc/apt/ directory, but there is also kde-redhat.list in the  
>> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/  directory.  How does apt decide which one 
>> to use?  Should I also have a similar "ccrma.list" file in this 
>> directory, and if so, should there still be a sources.list in the 
>> parent directory (/etc/apt/)?
>> What about the apt.conf file?  I have an apt.conf.d directory, but it 
>> has nothing in it.  Can apt work with separate apt.conf files for 
>> different packages from different repositories?
> Apt can use both the apt/sources.list and 
> apt/source.list.d/sources.list files. I dont know what happens if 
> there are double ups or conflicts. To be safe... dont have any. My 
> apt/sources.list   and apt/vendors.list files are  basically blank. 
> And the information is in  separate files in the .d directories.  For 
> apt.conf the settings  in the  apt/apt.conf override those in 
> apt/apt.conf.d/apt.conf.  My guess  is the behaviour is similar for  
> sources and vendors.

How do I know whether there are conflicts or even just redundancies in 
the sources.list files?  In the planet ccrma list, for e.g., I see 
components like, "os updates", "planetccrma", and "planetcore".  How do 
I know which packages are associated with these entries?  (For 
kde-redhat, the only component name seems to be "stable" ...)

>> All I'm really trying to ensure is that apt can upgrade any packages 
>> that come from only one repository, but also that it will use the 
>> Planet CCRMA repository for packages that are available from either 
>> one.  (This seems safer, since the newer apt, from kde-redhat, didn't 
>> like the unsigned packages from P. CCRMA.)
> What I have done is to use the new apt from kde-rehat and install the 
> repo- config files ie
> repo-config-fedora-1.2-0.fdr.2.rh90
> repo-config-kde-redhat-1.4-0.fdr.0.rh90
> repo-config-freshrpms-1.4-0.fdr.0.rh90

What are these and where should I find them?  I don't recognize them.  
They're not in my kde-redhat.list file.

> (first backup existing lists.confs etc)

I don't think I have anything called lists.confs ...

> then copy the ccrma sources.list to apt/sources.list.d/ccrma.list

I can do that ...

> and copy the  the default.conf in /apt/apt.conf.d/ to 
> /apt/apt.conf.d/ccrma.conf

hmmm ... my apt.con.d directory is *empty* right now (!??)

> and  then uncomment the 'Ignore { "gpg-pubkey"; ' line.
> This gives access to   fedora kde-redhat freshrpms and ccrma. To 
> update only from one repository either use the 
> preferences/repositories settings in synaptic or hide the sources.list 
> (s) that you dont want to use.
> <other stuff snipped>

[Note: this thread slipped off the Planet CCRMA list by accident, so I'm 
cc:ing it again, in the hopes that it might help some others.  If it's 
too far off-topic for this list, just let me know.]

thanks, - Bruce