[PlanetCCRMA] OpenMusic 4.7.2.beta released

Francois Dechelle Francois.Dechelle@ircam.fr
Tue Mar 16 01:03:01 2004

Le lun 15/03/2004 à 22:02, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano a écrit :
> > Great!, there is an image there posted there that actually runs on FC1
> > without apparent problems. I'll see if the software builds on top of
> > that. 
> It _does_! So, I got 4.7.2.beta to go "plink" (play one piano note on
> fluidsynth) in FC1 using that cmucl image. I had to set "DISPLAY" while
> doing the make for both clg and omlinux, otherwise the build would fail
> to finish. 


About the DISPLAY, I've met this too. I think this is fixed in the .spec
files that are included in the tarballs of the latest release. But it is
probably not fixed if you compile outside a .spec.