[PlanetCCRMA] segmentation fault with fedora CCRMA kernel and gui

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 9 08:52:01 2004

> I conscientiously ran uptodate last evening to get that happy blue checked
> circle in my Fedora GUI and when I logged back in this morning I got a
> message telling me that Gnome was causing a segmentation fault.  The same
> situation occurred when attempting to login for a KDE session.  I am running
> the 2.4.24 CCRMA kernel and I have not had any problems until now.  The
> package that uptodate installed was something called "less-???".  Can anyone
> tell me if there is any possibility that less conflicts with the 2.4.24
> CCRMA kernel in some way to cause this problem? 

There was a problem once (a while ago) with glibc and kernels that did
not have nptl support (the new threading model). Glibc would not
correctly detect that and assume that the kernel _could_ to nptl and
heavily threaded apps would fail to run. I don't see how "less" (a pager
like "more") could have some similar problem. I don't have my fedora
system handy to test...

> When I boot up the vanilla
> fedora kernel (with the alsa-kernel-module patch) everything is fine.  How
> can I uninstall uptodate additions?  Any help with resolving this mystery
> would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you could check to see what was installed lately with:
  rpm -q -a --last | more
That would give us the exact names of the packages that are causing the
problem. I'll try to insert my FC hard disk in my test machine latter to
check this out. 

-- Fernando