[PlanetCCRMA] Pure Data /Cooling Fan

tati sotolipoc@yahoo.es
Mon Mar 8 04:30:03 2004

This is my first posting to the list. I am new to CCRMA as well as to 
Linux so I would like to thank you for your help in advance: I found 
very useful all the information provided.
For now I have a couple of questions.

Last week I downloaded the Planet CCRMA audio applications for Fedora 
Core 1 (date of the file 20031124) and noticed that the application Pure 
data and its family was not included in the ISO Image - apt nor synaptic 
can't find it, I myself tried and couldīt find the rpms in the CD's. I'm 
working in a system not connected to the network.
I was wonderig if this last ISO release (date of the file 20040306) 
includes Pure Data and its family.

I installed the Planet CCRMA Kernel as well as the ALSA Sound Drivers. 
As I'm working on a Laptop, I checked the cooling fan following the 
documentation and It was not working after the kernel upgrade. I turned 
off ACPI in grub.conf and is still not working. What should I do? I'm 
working on a IBM ThinkPad R40.