[PlanetCCRMA] Are the cdrom images updated?

dbdbdb kakarott@fastmail.fm
Sat Mar 6 11:32:01 2004


First i want to thank everybody (and foremost to fernando lópez) as i'm
in the process of changing my personal composition studio from Windows to
Linux. To find precompiled and organized packages in one central
repository is a great help for anyone in my position.

Now I have a little question. Are the cdrom images [located in
updated to the last version of the planet (2004-02-02)?

i ask this question because the name of the files includes a date string
very outdated
so i want to know if i can get the whole image or is preferable to get
the individual packages (i'm using a different machine/connection to

i want to know too of the "Fedora Core Updates" link is with an
cdrom-image with all the recent updates from Fedora. If it is not, can
anyone tell me if there is such a thing anywhere in the internet (so the
dependences are met without looking in the repositories for additional

And third, i'm deeply interested in the OpenMusic Environment and all
commonmusic/lisp stuff, so I want to know what is the state of this
environment (are they working fine with fluidsynth, midishare, etc) or
must i wait for a more stable release in this branch (in particular i
prefer not to troubleshoot this packages to start using them ASAP).

Thank for any answer and excuse for my english redaction ;-)


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