[PlanetCCRMA] (Slightly OT) CCRMA ate my machine!!

Peter Howard pjh@coastal.net.au
Thu Mar 4 17:59:01 2004

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OK, not exactly true, but as it happened while playing with audio bits
I'm hoping someone else on the list has experienced something similar.

I posted to the list a week or so ago about problems with fluidsynth
connecting to JACK.  With the package updates yesterday I decided to
update my machine (a laptop, Toshiba Satellite TE2000) to see if the
problem was still there.  It was.  I noticed rosegarden had updated.=20
Interested in just checking the version, I started it with nothing else
running.  The result? The sequencer crashed.  No big deal I thought.=20
Having checked the version (which is all I wanted to do and hadn't
seemed to change) I started up JACK to go back to my "real" problem.  Or
tried to.  Now I was getting an assertion on startup (either by qjackctl
or directly).  I can't tell you what it is, keep reading and you'll get
an idea why :(

OK, reboot the machine an see if it goes away.  I don't know as now the
machine won't boot with any of the 4 kernels I have on the machine.=20
Each stops with "cannot open initial console".  And I can't get it to go
any further.  Of course I can emergency boot from CD, but nothing looks
out of place and I don't know enough as to where to start looking.

Suggestions? Pointers?


Peter Howard
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