[PlanetCCRMA] OpenMusic

Patrice Tisserand Patrice.Tisserand@ircam.fr
Thu Mar 4 06:16:01 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 06:34, Steven Yi wrote:
> Hi All,
> After reading Dave Philips Linux Journal article on OpenMusic and 
> SuperCollider, I tried to download OpenMusic from the Planet repository and 
> was not able to.  I am using Fedora Core 1.  I tried apt-get as well as 
> Synaptic and could not find it with either.  I also tried to grab the RPM 
> from the link on the Planet-CCRMA website but received a "Not Found" error 
> message from the server.  There appears to be RPM's for RH 7.3, 8.0, and 
> 9.0, however.
> Is this correct and OpenMusic has not be made available on Fedora yet?  
> Should I try using the RH 9 version?
OpenMusic is not yet available for Fedora Core 1.
François Déchelle have successfully build it on Fedore Core 1 +
PlanetCCRMA but OpenMusic doesn't quit.
This seems to be related to the mix between Native Posix Thread Library,
CMUCL and MidiShare.

We still looking for a solution, but maybe it's time for a release, even
if it still need to be kill in a terminal.
I don't think we will find a solution in a short amount of time.