[PlanetCCRMA] Soundcard chipset

home_studio@mchsi.com home_studio@mchsi.com
Mon Mar 1 18:09:02 2004

Greetings, can't get output from my soundcard.  The ALSA drivers that are
loading are the ens1371 drivers.  Here's the output of lsmod:

Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
snd-seq-midi            5312   0  (unused)
snd-seq-midi-event      6720   0  [snd-seq-midi]
snd-seq                53072   0  [snd-seq-midi snd-seq-midi-event]
snd-ens1371            18240   0
gameport                3508   0  [snd-ens1371]
snd-pcm                91936   0  [snd-ens1371]
snd-page-alloc         10356   0  [snd-pcm]
snd-timer              22308   0  [snd-seq snd-pcm]
snd-rawmidi            20288   0  [snd-seq-midi snd-ens1371]
snd-seq-device          6336   0  [snd-seq-midi snd-seq snd-rawmidi]
snd-ac97-codec         59180   0  [snd-ens1371]
snd                    49956   0  [snd-seq-midi snd-seq-midi-event snd-seq
snd-ens1371 snd-pcm snd-timer snd-rawmidi snd-seq-device snd-ac97-codec]
soundcore               7204   2  [snd]

However, lspci -v shows the Ensoniq 5880 chipset:

00:11.0 Multimedia audio controller: Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI (rev 04)
        Subsystem: Ensoniq: Unknown device 8001
        Flags: bus master, slow devsel, latency 64, IRQ 18
        I/O ports at fc40 [size=64]
        Capabilities: [dc] Power Management version 2

This is a generic "SoundBlaster compatible" card made after the merger with
Ensonic.  I didn't see that chipset listed in either the Creative or the Ensoniq
entries in the matrix, so I guess I'm SOL in terms of using this card, right?

I really hadn't planned on trying to use it in a Linux box in the first place,
until I saw that the onboard sound for my workstation (Kayak XU 6/400) was
ancient 8-bit soundblaster.  Just thought I'd give it a shot.

If I can't use this card, does anyone have any *cheap* recommendations?  I'm on
a very tight budget.  Thanks in advance.