[PD] Re: [PlanetCCRMA] pd + midi

thomas gorbach thomas.gorbach@t0.or.at
Mon Mar 1 13:53:01 2004

Frank Barknecht schrieb:

> There is no Soundblaster card configured here which would need something
> about snd-emu10k or so.

Thanks, i will look to find the drivers.

> Is this then using the Soundblaster card? It might be, that you
> use both the OSS/Free modules (for the SB) and the ALSA modules (for RME and
> virmidi) at the same time. While this obviously works, it really is cleaner
> to use only the ALSA modules.

No it doesn't work. Only pd doesn't complain, but doesn't take midi 

Next step i try to install soundblaster driver and give the result later.

Thanks for help.

> ciao
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