[PlanetCCRMA] stk-4.1.1?

Jonathan Segel jsegel@magneticmotorworks.com
Mon Mar 1 12:20:02 2004

is anyone using stk-4.1.1 in either planet ccrma rh or fedora core? i 
can't get it to make or much of anything (the package isn't fully 
made as is)..
many problems, i'm not sure how many are on my end, but i assume some 
aren't as i'm having some similar problems in a mac os x compile.
the stk folder on planet-ccrma exists in /usr/share, where it 
probably shoudl be, but it doesn't seem to be fully compiled. for 
example in stk/projects/demo, there should be a compiled demo called 
demo, but it ain't there, and make produces syntax errors from 

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