[PlanetCCRMA] recompile newbie

Sukandar Kartadinata sk@glui.de
Mon Jun 21 16:46:02 2004

Hi astronauts,
I hope it's OK to place my Linux newbie questions here, but I can't 
seem to get any further with my standard search strategies and other 
forums have kept quiet on my inquiries. Also I'm at a point where I 
don't know if my problems have to do with the very nature of the 
planetCCRMA distro or wether I simply can't get a grip on the basics.

So here goes:
1. The key task for the moment is getting a Keyspan USB-serial 
interface going
2. Now usbserial.o as well as keyspan.o are part of the package, 
however during bootup /var/log/messages says: "Required keyspan 
firmware image (USA28) unavailable"
3. So I download the kernel sources with Synaptics into 
4. Looking at keyspan.c I see that a bunch of flags determine wether a 
firmware header file gets included or not.
5. So I figure all I have to do is launch 'make xconfig', enable the 
firmware I need (only possible after enabling experimental support), 
and do a 'make modules SUBDIRS=drivers/usb/serial'
6. => lots of error messages and warnings (many coming from headers all 
over the source tree)

So the build fails, and somehow I don't file like going thru all those 
error messages to figure out what's breaking it.
I also tried the version to be found at Keyspan's website but some of 
those files were even older than what's in FC1. Didn't make a change in 
any case.
Or maybe I'm too sloppy with xconfig - I simply went to 'USB support' 
-> 'USB Serial Converter support' to get to the Keyspan firmware flags 
w/o paying attention to all the other settings. Do they play a role 
when I just want to recompile a module ?

hope you have some ideas - many thanks in advance.