[PlanetCCRMA] Help me with keyboard connection

Martin Beard Mbeard1@cox.net
Wed Jun 16 15:59:01 2004

Jason Balicki wrote:

>Martin Beard <> wrote:
>>card port to connect to. I wonder if I have all the correct sound
>>card modules loaded or if my onboard soundcard ( SIS7012 / intel8x0 0
>>will not support the midi port  ( from joystick ).
>These pages might help:
>It appears that your particular card has difficulty with midi,
>but there has been some success.  It's telling when the comments
>on the page say "I finally got midi working with my intel8x0." :)
>FWIW, I had similar difficulty with the on-board sound card
>on my little shuttle type box that I'm using for music.  I
>ended up with a USB MIDI controller and a soundblaster live
>in the box.  The SB live was particularly fun because the one
>PCI slot in the system requires a riser card that doesn't quite
>lift the card above the CPU.  I had to take off the CPU fan and
>physicaly move it over a couple of fins to make the card fit,
>now the SB live is at an angle and I can't close the case.  Gak.

Thanks Jason, I now have midi signals from the keyboard and can play 
sounds back to the synth. After reading the opensrc.org article you gave 
me I understood. What I need to do was identify a port number for the 
Intel i8x0 driver. Then the computer would know where the keyboard was 
sending it data. This was accomplished by adding one line to the 
/etc/modules.conf file.

options snd-intel8x0 mpu_port=0x300

The number 300 could be different depending on your soundcard. I have 
seen other examples use 330 but 300 works with my system. Thanks again, 
it is good to get this working.