[PlanetCCRMA] Help me with keyboard connection

Martin Beard Mbeard1@cox.net
Wed Jun 16 03:32:02 2004

> On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 19:33, Martin Beard wrote:
>> Loaded software applications: Qjackctl (jack), Rosegarden, Qsynth 
>> (fluidsynth).
> Martin,
> Here's one way:
> In Qjackctl there is a button marked "Connect" (I think,
> I'm upstairs using my 'internet' machine ATM).
> If you click it you'll see a window with two tabs, audio
> and midi.  If you click on the midi tab you can connect
> your midi in port from your sound card to any jack/midi
> aware program so you can use your keyboard to trigger
> events.
> Wow, that didn't come out as clear as I wanted it to.
> At any rate, the connect button and midi tab are the
> key.  I think Qsynth has a midi indicator, so even
> if you aren't getting sounds you should see the
> midi indicator flash on qsynth if it's seeing events.
> Once you get qsynth's midi light flashing you can load
> up soundfonts and get the audio working (it's similar
> to the midi tab, you connect the output of qsynth to the
> input of your soundcards output.  Hmm, more crystal
> clear clarity.  Must sleep more.)
> HTH,
> --J(K)
Jason,  Thanks for the response.
I tried what you suggested.  When I go to the Connect Screen With 
Qjackctl running and Jack started, the only thing that shows up is 
alsa-pcm on the audio tab and there is nothing showing up on the Midi 
tab. When I loaded the alsa drivers I use the rpm from Planet CCRMA and 
assumed that I was loading in with sequncer /midi enabled. I didnot get 
any messages that the card was not supported.
It is hard to be clear in explaining this but when I run Qjackctl - 
start Jack - and look at the connect screen midi tab -----I see nothing 
until I start a program like Qsynth, and then its connection shows up. 
The fact that Qsynth(fluidsynth) shows up tells me that virtual midi 
ports are working, but I see nothing that shows I have a card port to 
connect to. I wonder if I have all the correct sound card modules loaded 
or if my onboard soundcard ( SIS7012 / intel8x0 0 will not support the 
midi port  ( from joystick ).

Thanks again,   I learn something new with each thing I try.

Marty Beard