[PlanetCCRMA] Can't start Timidity

Jason Balicki kodak@frontierhomemortgage.com
Wed Jun 9 12:13:00 2004

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano <> wrote:
>>> On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 15:30, Tony Upton wrote:
>> It looks like Timidity tries to
>> load for about a minute or so, then just quits trying without giving
>> me any error message. As long as I can run Timidity from the command
>> line, I should be able to do what I want to do with it.
> Hmmm, I don't know what may be happening, I don't have a FC1 machine
> to try it out right now.

I have a similar setup as Tony's and I'm having similar trouble.

I've got lessons tonight, but if I can find some time I'll look
into it and report it back to you.  Do you have a bug reporting
system set up, or is it word of mouth at this point?