[PlanetCCRMA] midi questions/pd segfault

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jul 17 21:22:01 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 12:13, Jonathan Segel wrote:
> i have been trying to test midi output from SuperCollider on my 
> little ccrma laptop, and can't seem to get anything out properly.
> if i do MIDIClient.init in SC, it shows up in the alsa patch bay, but 
> connecting it to any internal thing (zyn, etc) does nothing, they get 
> no notes. i sent it out of the box, connected to raw midi out of the 
> rme multiface, into my os x box and looked at the midi in  Max/MSP, 
> it's getting there: port, channel, note on, note off.
> ?

I don't about this (yet :-)

> second part: trying to do this all internally, i launched pd, but pd 
> -mididev results in a segmentation fault.
> am i missing something?

I think you need to specify a midi port if you use the mididev option. 
-- Fernando