[PlanetCCRMA] Distribution choice, questions

H. T. Hind hirh@comcast.net
Wed Jul 14 10:44:01 2004


I've been a user of Planet CCRMA for some time but as we prepare
for services based on some of the sound apps like JACK,ecasound ,
one thing concerns me is the choice of distribution. It seems
that Fedora seems to be evolving much too fast to do any kind of
production application. 
My question is what is the recommendation for a stable
distribution that has the features of Planet CCRMA - alsa, JACK,
ecasound and other sound apps ? We're looking to deploy PC based
solutions and would rather not go through the 3 monthly upgrade
cycle. The emphasis is on stability rather than cutting edge. 
Would DeMudi be a good choice ? 

Suggestions are welcome.