[PlanetCCRMA] updated Ardour packages

R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 10:38:01 2004


> In any case, it's the lack of JACK transport that
> prevents me from using
> Ardour and Rosegarden together for any kind of
> serious work.
> The transport has been implemented in Ardour beta16
> if i'm not mistaken.

Ardour 0.9beta18
Rosegarden most recent from Planet CCRMA

Ardour = Sync with jack
Rosegarden = Jack and time master

With that configuration either Ardour or Rosegarden
can control the transport. I use this config with a
hardware mixer and send MMC transport instructions to
Ardour. I haven't used this alot, in fact, I've only
been testing it while getting to know a Kurzweil
k2000r . It works.


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