[PlanetCCRMA] Channels and soundfonts on Qsynth

Joseph Dell'Orfano fullgo@dellorfano.net
Fri Jan 30 18:06:02 2004

Funny, I've just been fooling around with this for the past several
days. I am running qsynth with 3 soundfonts loaded. In the qsynth
channels window, you can right click an instrument and select edit. This
allows you to chose a program from a different soundfont.

Once you have this set up in qsynth/fluidsynth, then Rosegarden doesn't
care which soundfont the instrument comes from. You just define the
channel in the track (assuming you have set up the studio to talk to
qsynth input).

I hope this helps.

-Joe D

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 20:27, Timo Sivula wrote:
> I am trying to figure out how to use fluidsynth and qsynth. The 
> fluidynth man page does not help me with the problem I have and qsynth 
> only has a devel-list. I hope someone here could help.
> I am able to load multiple soundfonts into fluidsynth and can see that 
> they get numbered with SFID which I assume means Sound Font 
> IDentificator. I can also play using the first soundfont.
> In Qsynth in "setup-soundfonts" I can see the loaded soundfonts and 
> associeated SFIDs. By clicking "channels" I can see instrumets assigned 
> to channels and can change the active channel from the keyboard to 
> change active channels and thereby instruments.
> Here come the questions:
> a) How do I assign different soundfonts to different channels in 
> qsynth? E.g. I would like my pianocollection soundfont to listen to 
> channel 1, my organs to channel 2, my synthpads to channel 3, etc? Now 
> all channels are directed to the same soundfont, which seems redundant 
> to me, as I can switch between instruments with the program key.
> b) How do I do this same trick in rosegarden if I want to play 
> instruments from different soundfonts simultaneously.
> br, Timo
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