[PlanetCCRMA] Timidity, QtSynth, amSynth, Hydrogen

Steve Schmidt SSchmidt@EPLUS.com
Fri Jan 30 09:05:05 2004

Hello -

It seems that when I first installed the planet packages, Timidity may have
configured itself to use the on-board intel sound card, which was disabled
when I installed a Delta 1010 LT.  Is there a way to reconfigure timidity,
or will I un/reinstalling it correct the problem?  If I want to use the
intel again as a second card, can I overide/change things in the cmos to get
them both recognized?

As for the QtSynth, the gui becomes useless shortly after it loads. I can
use fluidsynth with Muse though.

When using multiple instances of amSynth with Rosegarden, the processes
remain after shutting them down in their GUIs and they remain in the jack
connection window until I kill them from the command line.

Will the patch to fix the loop button (mentioned here a few days ago) be
incorporated into the distribution?

bien gracias!