[PlanetCCRMA] Help for a poor newbie

lalo alfonso.santimone@tin.it
Fri Jan 23 01:36:02 2004

Thanx a lot Fernando!
I've anyway seen that my system has a very low latency when i use some 
programs.....the ZynSyn is great in this area....RoseGarden seems to be 
not so good....Ardour and Muse are ok ...
Notice that i'm workin with a 128 sample buffer in the Jack Server....
I have a few question.....
Does anybody have some success installing Wine (latest) on Fedora Core 1?
When i start Linux partition when i first turn on the computer, the RME 
Multiface keeps his error led on....i have to restart my windows 
partition and then restart Linux again, and everything works 
good....maybe alsa have some trouble in this area?
Anyway when i succesfully load my "Multifaced" Linux i have first to 
start the TotalMix alsa to heard sounds from my RME...any idea?

May be i'll be here for a lot of question...i'm really a noobie 

thnax again and congrats for you work Fernando