[PlanetCCRMA] Contributing: Multisampled Instruments Rebuilt Library

Mr.Freeze theremin@free.fr
Wed Jan 21 07:55:02 2004

On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 Steve Harris wrote:
> This is probably better discussed on the linuxsampler list as they have
> started some work on that...
Well, I didn't get much success there due to my newbie way of behaving: 
- anonymous-style nickname, 
- lots of ideas but lack of perseverance (see the delay of my reply...),
- unconfidence with mailing-lists (I dumbly offered them my legal copy of
GigaStudio for their gig file dissections, but I've simply been reduced to

> ...note that for amplitude normalisation you cant
> just make the peaks line up you have to do something more sophisticated
> than that - realisticly it may have to be done by ear.
I've got to be better self-taught before committing any foolish attempt then!

Mr°Freeze aka Christian Frisson