[PlanetCCRMA] Help for a poor newbie

lalo alfonso.santimone@tin.it
Wed Jan 21 04:40:02 2004

Hi guys!
Yesterday i landed on Planet CCRMA.
I installed all the Fedora Core 1 Stuff on my machine (Athlon 2400+, 512 
Mb, Via KT400 chipset and Hammerfall DSP Multiface with PCI interface).
Ok ...everything went good!
I can listen sounds through my Hdsp alsa....totalmix works ok etc.....
Now i've installe the jack-kit and rosegarden...low latency patch is 
enabled...but the latency is really bad....the sequencer timing is 
worse.....i've followed all the instructions.......
Am i missing something?
How can i check all the IRQ stuff and how to change IRQ's?
I have on the same computer a WinXP partition workin' very good for audio.
So i've installed PlanetCCRMA on hdc (the second primary IDE)
Any idea?
...maybe newbie like me need some basic tutorial to deal with the 
alsa/jack/low latency etc. stuff...