[PlanetCCRMA] ardour won't run

Jorma R rjorma@sunpoint.net
Wed Jan 21 02:12:00 2004

I had the very same problems. Initially I got Ardour to run by running it with sudo or as root. (sudo on my desktop and root on my laptop) Naturally I did not like doing that.

What helped on the last machine I had this problem on was removing the .ardour directory entirely and then starting Jack and Ardour again.

Also - What I occasionally get (and have been getting since the beta3) is a crash right after typing the session name and cliking ok in the new session dialog. Sometimes Ardour complains that the path /home/jorma//newsessionname is not valid - there is an extra slash in it. Sometimes it just dies. As a result the new session is created but trying to open it will crash Ardour.


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