[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie needs help with Configuring sound in RH8.0

Angel de Vicente angelv@ll.iac.es
Mon Jan 19 01:37:01 2004


thanks for the help. I did disable arTs, and alsa seems to be working
OK. Somehow the rhythm problems were perhaps caused by having arTs and alsa
running at the same time? I start timidity now and rosegarden and the rhythm
seems to be not perfect but much better now, quite serviceable. Nevertheless the
problem with fluidsynth has not disappeared. When I play only one track the
sound is OK, but when I play two or more voices at once, there is a lot of

Anyway, thanks a lot. I will attempt to improve the performance by tuning the
system better.

Angel de Vicente

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano writes:
 > > basic information about performance, requirements, etc. Concretely, I think I
 > > would need to know:
 > > 
 > > 1) Is such a machine (in principle) able to run rosegarden with a software
 > >    synthesizer successfully?
 > I think so. It is not a speed daemon but should be enough. 
 > > 2) I've read something about jackd, which I have installed, but I don't know
 > >    what it is, whether it is supposed to be running or not, etc.
 > It is a low latency audio server that applications can sue
 > simultaneously. I suggest you surf to the following url and read about
 > it:
 >   http://jackit.sourceforge.net
 > > 3) When I'm running Rosegarden and successfully listening to music (though with
 > >    noise or out of rhythm, I see the processes running in my machine, and I see
 > >    that arTs is running as well. Does need this to be running? I tried to kill
 > >    it, but then I got no sound.
 > That is strange. arTs is the Gnome sound daemon and AFAIK it uses OSS to
 > send sound. So I'm not sure if you have ALSA (the newer sound drivers)
 > actually loaded and running. First turn off arTs. In the main menu go to
 > "Preferences" "Sound" and disable sound server startup. Logout and login
 > again. arTs should not be running. Verify that alsa has started (do you
 > have a "/proc/asound" directory? Make sure that the mixer has been
 > configured (as explained in the installation guide). Try playing a wav
 > file with aplay or other native alsa application...
 > -- Fernando


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